Enjoy The World’s First Fully Customizable Magnet Board.

Use the stylish Phoenix Wall to decorate your space and express yourself at any moment! Have fun while you create and organize the space where you work & live.

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Keep Calm and use The magnet force.

No more headaches while thinking about interior. With the Phoenix Wall you decorate and re-decorate your space without nails and hammerno matter how heavy your dreams are! Enjoy the Phoenix Wall as a beautiful background for Online-Calls at your workspace, too. It looks just amazing!


Forget the struggling. Make your workspace an environment where you can feel motivated, organize the space as you like, and express yourself, just as you are. This is a Creator’s space!


No more boring spaces. Change the fabric cover of the board easily due to the SEG technology. Create & recreate, changing what you want, when you want, where you want.


The Phoenix Wall is a Flexible and Easy to Use magnet vision board, that can hang all that you are proud of, like: Gamer boards, cameras, plants, speakers, inspirational quotes… whatever you want, so our goal is that you have fun discovering new combinations and inspire your community.


What are the possible uses of Phoenix Wall?

  • Personalize your home & office fast and easy.
  • Create smart mood boards presentations.
  • Organize your space and Ideas uniquely.
  • Use it as a cool Online-Call background.
  • Even if you are a gamer, show your audience what you are all about.

Visualize your ideas

+9 types of fabrics

100% customizable

No hammers, No nails

Ultra durable

magnet vision board

Colourful backgrounds for special video calls.

magnet vision board

Superior magnet board for a genuine space.

magnet vision board

Modular Boards

magnet vision board

Different Sizes

magnet vision board

Quick Changes

magnet vision board

Unlimited Mobility

magnet vision board

Money-back Guarantee

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Discover the most wanted fabric designs.

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Keep your Best Ideas in place due to the Ultra-strong magnetic Design.

The Claw.

The magnet hook designed to hold clocks & more.

The Heartframe.

Place picture frames automatically straight and aligned.

The Wings.

Elegant design to hold heavy weights like books & plants.

The Nest.

Shelves specially designed to keep safe your little things.